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Saturday, February 10, 2007

No condos there, nope. No church, nope. Nothing.

Nothing but a tired, old, rundown crenellated building ... until kink.com decided the old Armory would be a perfect site for their offices and for filming kinky movies. kink.com paid $14.5 million for the 200K sq ft landmark built in 1914.

The neighborhood's aghast, but really has no say in the matter: kink.com is sprucing up thirty years of neglect but has no plans to alter the building and doesn't have to go before planning or the landmarks commission. The up-in-arms folks have no one to blame but those who shot down every development proposal for the Armory that came down the pike since the National Guard vacated the building in 1975.

The kink.com purchase (and the ensuing uproar) even made the Wall Street Journal! The Journal's article is password-protected, but the Chicago Daily Herald was nice enough to pick up the article, allowing us to read it.

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