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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Computer Bits March 2003 - trivia sites and facts that aren't

The March 2003 column for Computer Bits is for the most part done. The subject is trivia sites on the Web and e-mails and virus warnings and how their facts aren't always -- a caveat lector sort of look at things. So, I pulled all the "trivia" bookmarks out of my bookmark file. Turned out I only used a few, but as long as I had them in a separate spot, I decided to put them here.


American Society of Clinical Pathology - Timeline
Camelot International - On This Day - April
Daily Globe: "J" World Dates Archive - SEPTEMBER
Dr. Mac's Cultural Calendar
MendelWeb: During Mendel's Lifetime (1822-1859) (not complete 1860-1884)
Minnesota Public Radio's The Writer's Almanac
PBS History: On This Day In History
pre-WWI trivia
Daily Dose of History
Dave's Date Books and Celebrity Birthdays
Special Events for the Year 1949
Michael J Maggio's Daily Almanacs
"inQuiry Almanack" - Thisday - November, 1997
"inQuiry Almanack" - Thisday - October, 1997
1997 Trivia

I have more date trivia links here (http://www.internet-resources.com/writers/wrlinks-history-ref.htm#dates)


Joey Green - weird
The Straight Dope: Home Page
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Toxin du jour (Kiss My Aspartame)

FunTrivia.com - The Archive of Fun Facts and Trivia
The Archive of Useless Facts and Trivia
Bubble gum trivia
Michael H. Burchett's Notes on the 20th Century
Caligraph 3
Chicago - Trivia
A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
Cornerstone Trivia Game
Did you know?
FCS News - Trivia Page 3
Erin Barrett & Jack Mingo - Fun Facts
FunTrivia.com - Trivia Search Engine
Past Mailings: Gagler Trivia
Geography Trivia
LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
Mind Uploading: Past Developments
The Miscellanea Digest
m i s s p e l l i n g s
physicians doctors who were writers poets
Santa Clara Valley trivia
"skosh" "kamikaze"
Snap:Entertainment:Fun Pages:Trivia
Tox Trivia
toy trivia
Trivia Ink Old Questions
Trivia Questions
Trivial Trivia
The Useless Information Home Page
Weird Factoids

Typewriter invented by newspaper editor
Myths about QWERTY

I have some other miscellaneous trivia information here (http://www.internet-resources.com/writers/wrlinks-ref.htm#research) and here (http://www.internet-resources.com/writers/wrlinks-wordstuff.htm#wordstuff).

I'm sure there are more than these in my bookmark file, but these will have to do for now. I'll take out those links that are 404s when I get around to checking and add the others ditto.

A potpourri of blogs

We were discussing blogging on alt.writing recently and I gave a list of some, to me, interesting Web logs.

There are a zillion blogs out there and, like the Web, the quality is sometimes questionable.

http://www.mamohanraj.com/journal/ - Mary Anne Mohanraj
http://boingboing.net/ - eclectic mix from Cory Doctorow and others
http://scalzi.com/whatever.htm - John Scalzi
http://www.joannejacobs.com/ - Joanne Jacobs
http://www.williamgibsonbooks.com/blog/blog.asp - William Gibson
http://www.infinitematrix.net/columns/sterling/index.html - Bruce Sterling
http://www.jessamyn.com/journal - Jessamyn West

and I pointed off to the article I wrote for Computer Bits a while back on blogging.

Blogging takes time. If the blog is tracking your progress somewhere else and, like the blog for http://www.internet-resources.com/writers tracks changes to the site (although that blog doesn't track all changes), that means I add a link to the site, sometimes post to misc.writing and misc.writing.moderated about the link and then sometimes add information to the blog. I am a bit compulsive, but boy, does all that tip tap and duplication take time I'd rather spend elsewhere.

So, it's not that I haven't been collecting links for my columns or that I haven't written a column since August or that there's nothing knew at http://www.internet-resources.com/writers, it's just that there is no time for everything. This blog and that one over there will be attended to on an occasional basis.