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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've moved again ...

New location is http://towse.com/wordpress/.

That should be the last move for a while. I was able to scoop up all my old posts, but my comments didn't transfer. I'll keep the towse.com/blog/blogger.htm site up for those who want to wander through old comments. For now. ...

Saturday, April 03, 2010

A work in progress ...

So, whilst trying to add Disqus comments (in lieu of Blogger comments which filled up with spam in no time at all), I discovered I had to move to a Blogger template to get the Disqus commenting enabled.

Fine. Whatever.

But now when things aren't working / don't look the way I'd hoped, I find I can't reinstate my old home-brew template because Blogger thinks it's busted.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Blogger comments have been up for eight hours or so ... and already I have spammish content.


I've enabled comment moderation, which really doesn't suit me, but I don't like wading through the gunk and you, gentle readers, shouldn't have to.

I'll find some alternative, but for now, there will be a delay in comments until I've deleted the obviously-not-interested-in-sal's-musings comments.

Tomorrow I'll go through and delete those that are already in place.


Testing comments

Between having to move the blog over to Blogger and having Haloscan spittle a bit and go to for-pay mode, I seem to have lost all of my Haloscan comments. Alas. They can still be found back at the old site for the blog but for now I'm swopping to Blogger comments ... yet again.

Tidal bore. Views east.

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