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Thursday, December 30, 2004

For Liz

How to get your photos off your Verizon camera phone.

== From /MENU/ Select /CONTACTS/
== Either create an e-mail contact for Liz e-mail or add an e-mail contact to your existing contact record.
== Press [Camera button]
== Select [2] Gallery
== Maneuver with toggle button to desired picture
== Press [OK] button
== Press [Rt button], labeled "Options"
== Press [1] Send
== Press [Lt button], labeled "Contacts"
== Press [1] Contact
== Select desired e-mail contact
== Press [OK] button
== Press [OK] button again
== Add text if desired or just
== Press [Lt button], labeled "Send"
== Wait for "Pix message sent successfully" message.

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