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Saturday, September 03, 2005

You know you've done something right

You know you've done something right when

(1) you get a note from the younger younger one saying, "I am trying to find ways I can help out the hurricane victims and since you told me once not to donate money cause you would do that and really its kind of your money anyways, I was wondering if you know of places I might be able to help out in boston, i already asked the red cross but they have a lot of people helping already. Even if its me helping in a soup kitchen in boston, i looked and couldnt find anything"

I told him he should check with my uncle -- the ex-Massachusetts pol with more knowledge than I'd ever have of local Boston good causes -- but he should also check with the local Second Harvest folk. America's Second Harvest is good folk.

The Greater Boston Food Bank
99 Atkinson Street

(2) Next note from him was a BCC: a few hours later of something he'd posted to the college server in which he offered living space to the Tulane University students that his college is offering space to: "I live in a larger sized single that has a kitchen and a bathroom and am willing to add a bed, a desk and a person into my room."

My first thought was, man, we are paying a bucketload extra this year to give him a singleton space for his last year in school and he's offering some stranger a space in the room he'd just sent us e-mail about earlier that day: "my room is awesome, i love it. its actually kind of big and I have lots of wall space. I bought my books today and they dont take up much room so thats good. Have you mailed my boxes?"

He's a good kid with a good soul and the thought that he's offering to share his space with someone he doesn't know who has had a bucketload of sorrow makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

We did something right. He's a really =really= good kid. I'm very proud of him.

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