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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

[WR] www.pulpnoir.com - The Official Charlie Huston Website

Hadn't heard of Charlie Huston until I was reading Miss Snark and her critiques of query letters and first page(s) this morning. Someone's query&pages were for a crime novel set in Houston.

Miss Snark said, "It doesn't suck but it's [it gets] a form letter rejection. There's a reason everyone's yapping about Charlie Huston...he took the usual expectations of genre and turned them on their ear. I'm looking for good writing but I also have to bring something fresh to the table."

Charlie who?

With a quick search I found www.pulpnoir.com - The Official Charlie Huston Website.

Charlie has his bio and his blog and what all.

Charlie also has first chapters for CAUGHT STEALING, SIX BAD THINGS, and ALREADY DEAD. The print layout for SIX BAD THINGS is downright awful, but the first pages for all three are


Wondering what people mean when they say, "Start in media res." or "Those first pages have to grab you by the throat." or "Start with conflict. Start with action."?

Charlie Huston is the poster boy for those folks.

Go. Read.

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