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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Red Sky At Morning

Spectacular sunrise yesterday, presaging the rain that started last night as a drizzle and moved into, yes, real rain (not wicked rain, just maybe a quarter inch or so) overnight.

The rain's stopped and ...

his nibs is up on the roof, bailing out a puddle of water from a plugged up drain.

The leaks are back, in a different place this time, due to a different cause, most likely an installation flaw for the new roof for which we just paid a zillion dollars (what with other work to be done and the cost of uninstalling and reinstalling the solar panels that rest on the roof).


But ... good thing I heard the drip drips behind me and we got the buckets and towels in place, good thing the rain wasn't any harder than it was, good thing everyone will be out here in a few days (as soon as the roofer boss is back from vacation and available) to check out what the problem is and fix it before real rain (and Autumn) blows in.

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