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Friday, November 02, 2007

Fan mail from Harold Hoogasian. Gmail thinks it's SPAM!

Look what dropped into my Gmail in-box this morning! Fan mail from Harold Hoogasian. Where he got the e-addr he used to send this is a question. The Gmail account mainly funnels everything @towse.com (except sal, sally, self, &c.) to a common address. So how did he get the master topsecrethushhushhush Gmail address?

Did I put it on my voter registration? If so, OH NO!

Herewith the nice note. I found it in my spam folder because Gmail automagically decided it fit the MO. [Update:Finagled a copy to insert with all the bells and whistles.] Here it is in all its glory!

From: Harold <campaign@unplugthemachine.org>
Date: Nov 2, 2007 1:30 AM

To: harold@hoogasian.com

Would you want Gavin Newsom to date your daughter or friend?

Would you socialize with someone who sleeps with a friend's wife?

Would you employ someone who can't plan a Halloween party in 364 days?

Would you vote for a candidate who refuses to debate his opponents?

I certainly wouldn't!

Does Delancey Street have an "outpatient" program? NO!

When Newsom admitted his substance problem, he disclosed that he would get "counseling" from Mimi Silbert (President of Delancey Street Foundation). The problem is that Delancey Street does not offer drop-in or outpatient counseling.

When John Burton was strung out on drugs and alcohol, he quit congress.

Gavin Newsom should have taken a hint from John Burton and resigned as Mayor.

Newsom's fling with his friend's wife was also a fling with an employee of the City.

How much is that going to cost the Taxpayers?

We know the Mayor is alleged to have paid the wronged husband,

But how much was paid to the Consort?

Is this the kind of judgment we want in a Chief Executive?

Cancelled Halloween cost
Lost wages, tips and income in the Castro!

Wages and overtime for 1000 police officers.

Another term as mayor is too much to pay.

The Halloween in the Castro is a tradition for over 30 years.

Calling it off for a questionable leader's re-election was an abuse of power.

If you think that we need a change,

Don't vote for an Adulterous, Drunken Golden Boy!

Don't chose corruption and waste!

A vote for Harold Hoogasian will clean up City Hall!

A vote for Harold Hoogasian will clean up our streets!

A vote for Harold Hoogasian will fix our Muni!

A vote for Harold Hoogasian will eliminate our Budget Mess!

A vote for Harold Hoogasian will bring back Halloween!

Mark Your Ranked Choice Ballot:




I need your VOTE to TAKE BACK our City!

Harold M. Hoogasian

Candidate for Mayor

About Harold Hoogasian

Harold Hoogasian is running for Mayor of San Francisco on a NO NONSENSE campaign.  He is a life long resident of San Francisco with a 33 year track record of public service and activism with in The City.  As the owner of several successful businesses including the floral business, Hoogasian Flowers, Harold has exhibited leadership and insight. In addition to these endeavors he is a former president of Rotary Club of San Francisco and has led several charitable works within The City. His campaign website is

About Hoogasian for Mayor
Hoogasian for Mayor is a committee formed to elect Harold Hoogasian
to the Office of Mayor in The City and County of San Francisco.
615 Seventh Street (Headquarters)
San Francisco, California 94103-5691
415-229-2710 (phone) and 415-229-2700 (fax)

If you don't want messages about this contested mayoral election,
reply to campaign@unplugthemachine with
subject "unsubscribe"


Lovely, eh? Multiple colors to pick out names and phrases like "Adulterous, Drunken Golden Boy!" (in red, natch!), CAPS, bold lettering and different sized fonts.

Looks kookie and crankpot-ish.

If I were a suspicious sort, I'd think that someone who doesn't want Hoogasian for Mayor sent out this spam in an attempt to make him look like a foolish idiot. I hadn't realized he could act like such a juvenile.

Love those politics!

And if his database were any good, he'd know I voted ten days ago.

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