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Sunday, March 01, 2009

in praise of sardines: Zagat on Contigo

in praise of sardines: Zagat on Contigo

Best of luck to Brett and Contigo (now scheduled to open ... momentarily) but since when does Zagat feature restaurants that aren't even open yet?

One Yelp review gave Contigo one star because ...

i have never gone here. i probably wont. not for any reason except that i dont live close, work nights and hate shameless promotion. the food is probably great; the atmosphere, transcendent. i would probably fall in love with cava and ask her to run away with me. but.... they have six reviews from people who have never eaten here, and in my quest for justice and equality i must say...bullshit. you didnt love it. YOU DIDNT EVEN EAT THERE BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT OPEN YET.


I'll wait until the restaurant actually opens before I stop by and see whether it's worth returning to.

Yelp reviewers might take a hint.

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