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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little bit about chicken ... and rice noodles ... and chicken noodle soup - Vietnamese and Cambodia-style

I came home from my time away with yearnings for rice noodle soup from the hotel breakfast buffets -- broth-based rice noodle soup with mixed veggies and lime and sriracha. *sigh*

This week I substituted canned broth for "real" broth and that was okay for a while but today I took the chicken carcass from the roast chicken we had for supper a couple nights ago, tossed in chicken wings, onion, garlic, chicken bones from the nights in between, and ginger and concocted a tasty chicken broth.

Tonight for dinner, we had the chunky bits from the broth mixed with sriracha sauce and lime juice. (I'd bagged up the broth in 2C ZipLoc bags -- 2 quarts worth -- and put in our teeny freezer.) Tossed in chopped onion, cilantro, and shredded cheese. Folded into hot corn tortillas with chopped lettuce and ... chicken tacos!


Tomorrow's supper will be roast chicken sprinkled with spices and herbs, with smushed up roasted garlic slathered between the meat and the skin ...

The leftovers will be yet another chicken carcass for the next time I want to make a batch of chicken broth.

And so it goes. ...

Update: The roasted garlic chicken tonight was FABOO. *sigh*

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