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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Kingston 256MB SD card

Went off to Fry's again yesterday to pickup two more Kingston 256MB SD cards for the digital camera. I'd taken a passle of pictures over the weekend and the new card had worked just dandy. Downloaded the pics yesterday morning and everything worked flawlessly.

Arrived at Fry's to find (oh, glorious day!) that the Kingston 256MB SD card was on sale for $24.99 ($5 less than I'd paid last week) PLUS there was a $15 mail-in rebate (one per customer). Saved (or I will have saved once I get the mail-in rebate back) $25!

... which I will blow in another hour and a half when I take my kid brother out to Chili's for his 45th bday. Forty-five? The baby of the family is forty-five? How did that ever happen?

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