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Saturday, April 30, 2005

And light?!?!! Boy, howdy!

Last Saturday in the driz, we took two carloads of monitors and towers and keyboards and what-not down to Apple Computer for their Earth Day recycling project.

A couple days' later his nibs was in my office and noticed we'd missed a big honkin' HEAVY monitor that I'd stashed on my comfortable old fuzzy crimson Kroehler chair and then piled stuff 'round while I was working on packing up the office.


That's okay. Because of California's new law, there are other places we can take that monitor to. It was just that it will be a pain to track down another recycler and make another trip and it was so darn easy to take a whole bunch of stuff to Apple last Saturday. It's a shame we didn't get all of the stuff taken care of that we needed to.

That said, all'swell. The big honkin' HEAVY 19" Gateway monitor I've been using is now history too.

When his nibs was up here and discovered the monitor tucked away on the chair, he also took a look at the Gateway monitor I've been using and thought about carrying it down the Filbert Steps to our little sidewalk and then carrying it up the steps to our front door, then up the stairs to the office.

Yesterday, he went out on his lunch hour and picked up a no-name (Emprex) 17" flat screen skinny-mini monitor.

Works great, plus it's all of 3" deep instead of the 18"-plus deep that the Gateway is.

And light?!?!! Boy, howdy!

Now we have two stinkin' heavy monitors to take to a recycle place, and his nibs and I won't strain our backs moving the Gateway boat anchor to San Francisco.

... readying the house for sale continues ...

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