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Thursday, April 21, 2005

RIP: Computer Bits

Back in 1998, I wrote an article for Computer Bits, a monthly out of Portland, OR, (well, Forest Grove, but who has ever heard of Forest Grove?) about using search engines.

Spring 1999, I took over as the Surfing the Web columnist and continued on my merry way for another almost six years, writing a monthly column about all things wonderful on the Web.

Alas, last month, word came from on high, from our intrepid editor and publisher Paul Harwood, that Computer Bits was closing up shop.

Today I noticed that the domain name was no longer valid, so I took some time away from my energetic house clearing here at Dale, to fidget with my towse.com site. I've pointed all links to Computer Bits to a placeholder page and I've removed the Computer Bits link on the blogroll over >>>> there.

As soon as we're completely done and outta the house I'm clearing, I'll take the time to put all my wonderful words here instead of referencing them there.

It was a good gig. Thanks for the good times, Harwood, and the lucre.

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