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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hip Liz ... this one's for you ...

We saw the Giants game Thursday from a spot in McCovey Cove and miracle of miracles, the guys beat Colorado 6-4 with an amazing five run eighth inning. Some of the kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco left after the seventh inning when the score was a still-dismal 4-1 Rockies. I think, I hope, they were too young to worry about what they missed.

The guy whose boat we were on would like me to pass on this link.

Seven seats in a row. Section 317, Row 2, Seats 3-9. Up high. Right behind home plate.

Buy three, buy four, buy all seven. $30 a pop.

Paul has the alternative, you see, if he sells all seven tickets to invite six or eight or fifteen friends and just sit in the Cove and listen to the game, watch the scoreboard. Thursday there were six of us, not including Paul.

You can sorta kinda peek through the gates and see the field, but mostly it's the game on the radio, the scoreboard, floating, eating sausage, hanging out. Sun. Water rocking. Watching the other boats. Watching the cops in their boat flush the kayakers out from under the path overhang.

We puttered around afterwards. Out through the Golden Gate. Back in around Sausalito and Angel Island before heading back.

Nice day. Pics to follow.

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