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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Yang Ming Wealth and the wonders of the Web (... continued)

re the Yang Ming Wealth

Spent more time poking around and found a press release re the christening of the Wealth in March 2004 with the following commentary

Dr. Frank Lu, chairman of Yang Ming, and Dr. Chiang Hsu, chairman of CSBC, presided the christening ceremony and Mrs. Constance D. White, wife of Mr. Stephen W. White, vice president of Dollar Tree Store, Inc., one of Yang Ming's most important customers in Pan-Pacific market, was invited to be the Sponsor of the new vessel. Dollar Tree is a large retail chain store in the US, which has cooperated and maintained good relationship with Yang Ming since 1994. The total volume of its consigned cargoes reached 16,000 TEUs in the recent two years.

Dollar Tree! Of course!

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