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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Swopped over to GoDaddy for hosting Wednesday, after I got back.

Why? you ask. A "hosting account disabled notice" dated 2/28 arrived while we were gone. I came across the notice on March 15th -- more than two weeks later -- after we got back.

The notice said my hosting had been disabled for nonpayment, although I'd never received either a here's-yer-bill or a gosh-your-credit-card-ain't-working notice from my hosting service.

The 2/28 "yer account's disabled" e-mail was followed two days later by billing notices, including an "overdue invoice notice" and a "service invoice" notice, both arriving 3/02 and both found while I was going through my e-mail after I got back.

I'd cut out of town Feb 15th for St. Louis. I was back for a day or so a week later, checked my mail and then high-tailed it out again until Mar 15th.

If you wanted to tell someone their account was overdue, would you tell them two days after you'd disabled their account that there was a problem with the account billing and payment? Would you disable their account and insist on a year's worth of payment plus a "late" fee?

... Did I mention that I went through a similar waltz back last fall with another domain name? These same guys who've been hosting my clutch of sites -- after much to and fro and my insistence that they'd never sent a bill -- took my credit card payment for a year's subscription for that domain hosting and oh-so-kindly waived the late penalty 'cause I was such a good customer.

These folk have my gen-you-wine credit card information connected with my name and they know what sites they're hosting for me. It really would not have been hard to find my credit card information if they were having supposed problems billing me. My contact information hasn't changed either, so they could've asked.

So I'm swapping the towse.com hosting over to GoDaddy which handles my domain registrations and where I should've moved the hosting last year some time.

GoDaddy ... that's http://www.godaddy.com. Good eggs.

The hosting change disrupted my Blogger connection and then I had difficulties getting the old rig to FTP properly with the new host.

But now allswell.

Your regularly scheduled programming will continue after this break ...

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