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Saturday, July 21, 2007

View from the top

Went to the Bankers Club 20th annual lobster feed last night as part of AIWF-NorCal last night.

We gathered for before-dinner drinks at the bar with incredible views to the south and then moved into the dining room. We'd grabbed seats next to the west windows for dinner when we arrived and were glad we did.

The food was not to die for. The hors d'oeuvres reminded me of the finger food you'd get at the Club and, at dinner, the lobster was "presented," i.e. broiled, cut in half, put back in the shell, herbed bread crumbs on top yadadoo and not the fresh boiled crack-those-shells lobster I'd been expecting from the cutesie plastic lobster bibs they had at each chair. I prefer my lobster straight with melted butter and not all gussied up. I know others disagree with me. Before the lobster we had steamed mussels with an excellent broth and Caesar salad. The lobster came with potatoes and cobbed corn. Dessert was strawberry shortcake.

The wines were good. We'd brought a Husch chardonnay we'd picked up at the winery back in mid-May. Others brought others. AIWF brought some from the cellar.

The views from the 52d floor as the sun set over the Golden Gate were absolutely fantastic.

Become a member of the Bankers Club and you can enjoy the view whenever you'd like. Or you can opt for the less pricey choice and have dinner at the Carnelian Room, which is what the Bankers Club rooms become in the evening.

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