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Friday, August 03, 2007

Shifty book notes from Thursday

(1) Who wrote
  • Elizabeth & her German Garden
  • The Caravaners
  • Christopher and Columbus
I had to know -- see? -- because I'm sorting books by author and these 19thc. anonymous books were driving me nuts. Who was the author? Were they fiction or memoir?

Answer: Marie Annette Beauchamp, cousin to writer Katherine Mansfield (nee Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp). Fiction.

(2) Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. Paul and Virginia. Ltd ed. 800c. 450 GB 350 USA. London. Routledge. 1888. #639.

cracking hinges. foldup box in good shape. worth?

(3) Vicar of Wakefield - Goldsmith. Rackham illustrations. Philadelphia. McKay. Printed in GB by Riverside Press. in box w/ illustration on cover. worth?

(4) War&Peace. Heritage Press. Limited Editions Club. 1938. 2 v. boxed. worth?

(5) signed prints. flowers (3) birds (2) . G. Juniga. (Zuniga?)

Oh, yes. I have a swell and marvelous time sorting books. And again. Tomorrow!

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