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Monday, February 11, 2002

Image searching on the Web

Photographs online - resources to track them down Specialized collections Art
  • http://www.nga.gov/search/search.htm - Search the National Gallery (USAn)
  • http://gallery.euroweb.hu/welcome.html - Search the Web Gallery of Art: > 9,200 "digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800" includes commentary and artists' bios. Fourteen "guided tours" present collections of paintings with commentary. e.g. "Tour #13: English art in the 15th-18th centuries Description: This tour presents English painting and sculpture from the 15th to the 18th century, i.e. the Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque, and Rococo periods. After a long period of dominance by a series of foreign-born artists, English art produced in the 18th century some great artists like Hogarth, Reynolds and Gainsborough." Some tours require browsers using frames. You can add period-specific background music from the Classical Archives
  • http://www.artcyclopedia.com/ - Art Cyclopedia - the fine art search engine. Designed by John Malyon. As of a year ago indexes "700 leading arts sites, and offer more than 24,000 links directly to an estimated 80,000 works by 7,000 different artists."