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Saturday, February 23, 2002

More URLs with digital photos and albums

More URLs with the photo theme.

My friend Ravi just sent me a link to some photo sets at Yahoo! of his lovely daughter and his two-month-old son. When we got back from Nepal-Bhutan-Tibet, one of my fellow travelers sent a link to her sets of photos from the trip. Resources available for photo sharing and/or printing, storage on the Web
  • http://www.activeshare.com/ - Adobe ActiveShare. Free download (like Adobe Acrobat). Photo correction (red-eye, cropping, "instant" fix). Direct connection to Shutterfly.com for sharing &c.
  • http://www.cartogra.com/home/home.asp - Cartogra from HP Photo: set up albums, order photos, fiddle with photos (make ePostcards, greeting cards, &c.). HP Photo Manager lets you setup thumbnails for easy browsing, upload large numbers of photos at once, &c.
  • http://www.ClubPhoto.com - ClubPhoto.com lets you send in your film or upload digital pictures. Albums. Order photos. Order gift merchandise.
  • http://www.digitalfridge.com/ - Digital Fridge "a place to create and share online collections of your favorite photos and videos." Free. File size limits.
  • http://www.dotphoto.com/ - dotPhoto. Upload, build albums, share, print, sell your photos. No "adult" content.
  • http://ezprints.mye-pix.com/ - EZPrints.com - view, order, print photos.
  • http://www.fototime.com/ - FotoTime. Software to download. Fee-based after 30d free trial. $23.95 -> 250MB of storage. Each additional 250MB costs $23.95.
  • http://picturecenter.kodak.com/ - Kodak Picture Center Online. View, enhance, albums, share, print. Cannot download high resolution pictures. Must order Photo CD from Picture Center. Max 200 orginal pictures included in free storage. Account is kept active if a roll of film has been developed or pictures ordered in last 30d.
  • http://www.ofoto.com - Ofoto "a Kodak company". Get your photos online, share, "enhance" and print.
  • http://www.photoaccess.com/ - PhotoAccess.com - like EZPrints - upload images, click to order, photos sent. Also photo gifts. Permanent unlimited online storage FREE. Friends have access with "key" and can order too.
  • http://www.photoloft.com/default_new.asp? - PhotoLoft.com. Fee-based. Online photo album. Creative photo greetings. Share photos.
  • http://www.photopoint.com - PhotoPoint.com - "is currently offline"
  • http://www.Printroom.com/ - Printroom.com. Online photo-finishing services. Upload. Share. Print. Free 200MB of storage. Professionals can sell photography over the Web.
  • http://www.Shutterfly.com/index.jsp - Shutterfly.com. Web-based photo service. Storage. Photo correction (red-eye, cropping *c.) Free, unlimited storage. Share. Film developing, too.
  • http://photos.yahoo.com/ - Yahoo! Photos. Upload, enhance (crop, rotate, &c), share, order, photo gifts & cards.