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Monday, February 04, 2002

Tracking those hits and tweaking the sites

Finished up the March column on RPGamers on the 'net yesterday and sent it along to the powers-that-be at Computer Bits .

Noticed that someone had clicked through to this blog from my February Computer Bits article on blogs and hustled over to see if the February issue was up yet. Nope. Must've been someone on staff checking the link I had in the article. Should be up soon, though.

The transfer of towse.com from ciHost to the new host completed during the last couple days of January. February 1 I get a note from ciHost that they'd charged my account for $240 for the next year's service. Fired back a note saying, in effect, um. no. You aren't hosting me anymore, or hadn't you noticed?

I've finally got all of my Web sites registered with the same registrar ( http://www.godaddy.com), which means I can keep better track of when things expire. GoDaddy is also a cheap registrar. Check it out.

The FREE Bravenet visit counters have been working out fabulously. Nice to see http://www.internet-resources.com/writers get the attention it has been. Yesterday, a Sunday, it got ninety hits, mainly because someone who saw it liked it and posted about it to a handful of writing groups. I can also see when people come through from searches in Google News archives and check out what article of mine they'd clicked through from. Fun. Bravenet lets me choose whether to use the counter as a hit counter or a visit counter (only one count if the person pokes around throughout the site) and also lets me explicitly say "here's my IP address -- don't count any hits I make myself" because, of course, I'm using the links page as my home page and could drive up the stats like nobody's business. Looking for a page counter? Check out http://www.bravenet.com - Bravenet.