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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Be sure to vote for your favorite image in each category!

PDN 2004 Photo Annual -- This year's PDN Photo Annual presents the year's most outstanding images from photographers, magazines and agencies that put a human face on the times we live in. From Lynsey Addario's arresting images of the demonstrations in Iraq and Turkey to Taryn Simon's stunning portraits of the wrongly accused to Mitch Epstein's story of his family's crumbling business -- these are the images of our times.

The categories are Advertising, Magazine/Editorial, Photo Books, Photojournalism/Sports, Corporate Design, Personal WOrk, Web Sites, and Student Work.

The Web Sites category includes a link to the Web site. If you're curious about other entries, you'll need to snuffle with search engines.

A favorite was a Helmut Newton photo of Henri Cartier-Bresson for an article in Newsweek. The photo was taken in Paris, May 2003. Cartier-Bresson, at that time, was age 94.

I saw the picture and thought, "Cartier-Bresson. Alive? Well, alive in May 2003, and looking like he has his marbles sorted."

So I went off to DeadOrAliveInfo.com -- one of my faves along with Who's Alive and Who's Dead and Dead People Server.

Dead People Server didn't even list Cartier-Bresson. The other two not only listed him (as alive!) but also gave his birthdate.

Update: Cartier-Bresson is alive. Age 95. He'll be turning 96 on August 22d.

Good for him.

What can I accomplish in the next forty-fouryears?

(A tip of the hat to metafilter)

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