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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Floor layout and keys exercise

Spent the morning at the loft, making sure keys worked and the locks (both key'd and combination) on the storage in the garage worked. Everything works but for a couple light bulbs and the front door key. As long as we park in the garage and go in through the garage door, we're okay. Oh, and the deadbolt lock for the 4th floor access to the upper floor doesn't work. Maybe when we have a locksmith in to spin the locks we can have him fiddle with it. The deadbolt on the 3rd floor access to the lower floor does work.

I spent time taking pictures (60+) so I could put together a walk-through look for old friends and I helped hold the tape whilst his nibs sketched floor plans and detailed where the light switches were so we don't plan to plant bookcases where they'd cover the switches. The seller gave us complete building planning drawings but they were as-proposed and not as-built and don't show the light switch locations anyway.

Before we move anything in, I'll need to do a bit of painting to cover the Faith Popcorn 1999 (or is it 2001?) muddy colors that setoff the fireplace walls on both floors from the frost white walls in the rest of the space. Maybe shades of royal purple and green or some Bhutanese blue-red-gold. Hmmmm.

A fun time was had by all but now, hours later, my eyeballs hurt from sorting through the pictures, re-sequencing them so they made more sense and deleting the extras, setting up the gallery. Nice to have "before" pictures showing the space and the incoming light because soon enough the space will be filled with books and pinball machines. (Did we measure the downstairs hall to make sure the pinball machines will fit? I'll have to check ...)

Time for supper.

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