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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ed Jew sez $5.7M 'youth' deal: Fast Pass to budget deficit

Today's Examiner has a commentary by Ed Jew on pending (perhaps approved -- the SFC doesn't say on their site) legislation extending youth Fast Pass discounts to all "youth" ages 18-24.

His point is the one I was making a bit ago.

#1 How can the Supes justify the cost when Muni is stretching to balance its budget?

#2 Why 18-24 year olds? What makes them so special?

What about people older than 24 who are working a minimum wage? Don't they deserve a break? Do we want age-based Muni fares? Should we have needs-based Muni fares? Why not give everyone a fare break and see if we can get people out of their cars and onto public transport?

This legislation is so cockeyed. What are the Supes thinking?

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