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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Landslide In S.F. North Beach Prompts Evacuations

We were woken up around 6 am by the sound of helicopters, multiple helicopters, hovering nearby. The helicopters were all news helicopters, though, we could tell, because you couldn't hear the high pitch whine of the AĆ©rospatiale Alouettes that the Coast Guard uses. Something newsworthy was up on our sweet little hill.

We turned on the radio (KCBS 740) and heard this: Landslide In S.F. North Beach Prompts Evacuations. Traffic on Broadway detoured around the block between Montgomery and Kearny. Morning commute traffic a mess. No one hurt. Lots of mud and rock.

The CBS5 site has pictures, raw video and a live Webcam setup to look at the slide.

455 Vallejo is teetering.

The helicopters went away for a few hours but now are back. We'll wander over to see what we can see at some point.

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