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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Duende Travel

Duende Travel

Coming along, eh?

Pretty pictures. Content. Near to finished except for "useful information" and "links." The "booking form" is off to Peter for vetting.

Paying forward.

Personal blurb: Peter Watson and Duende Travel are like the best. The food and wine are always great. There's a lot of thought behind the itinerary.

There are gem moments: The hotel bar in Derry (North Ireland) -- just John Hume, his nibs and me. He'd sung Danny Boy to all of us during his lecture, but the others had gone back to rooms or whatever. Would you go back to your room while John Hume was hanging out? Or would you hang out too?

Drizzly picnic lunch in the ruins on Iona (Scotland).

Drying out from a soaking in the rain in a sheepherder's hut in Andalucia (Spain).

Petrarch's last home in Arquà Petrarca (Italy) and his cat's skeleton ... maybe ...

Walking in van Gogh's footsteps in Arles (France).

Hiking up the slopes of Vulcano (Sicily).

The Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin. (died and gone to Heaven)

... So many memories. So many good times.

Peter cares about where he takes you. He wants to make sure you understand the locale and the people. And the food. And the wine. And the history.

The walks are memorable. The views, the food, the wine, the settings, the memories are sublime.

'nough said? There's a reason I'm fussing over his Web site. ...

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