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Sunday, January 06, 2008

High Heels And The Body

Sociological Images: Seeing Is Believing: High Heels And The Body

AKA why I wear walking shoes everywhere -- unless I'm home, in which case I'm barefoot.

If I'm going to an event/venue that frowns on walking shoes (drinks at the Bankers' Club comes to mind), I carry a purse big enough to carry heels to the venue and to pop my walking shoes into when I change footwear on arrival. ...

His nibs worked with someone long ago who wore HIGH high heels everywhere until eventually she could not wear flat shoes without pain because her leg muscles (gastrocnemius muscles this illustration shows) had shortened in reaction to the abnormally high heels.

Barefoot girl, me.

(via Jason Schultz, Law Geek via Lori Dorn, HR Lori via a tweet from Laughing Squid)

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