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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a waste. How much did this cost?

We received our primary absentee voter ballots in the mail ten days or more ago. The ballots were the "unaffiliated" or whatever it is non-partisan ballots.

Well, we'd both requested to vote in the Democratic primary. What's up with this? So we waited. And waited. And finally called the Registrar at the end of last week to ask what's up and were told "Oh. The Democratic absentee ballots are just getting mailed."

OK. So this means we got one ballot for the propositions and one ballot for the primary. That doesn't make much sense but whatever ...

Today we got our Democratic absentee ballots in the mail ... along with a note that our previous ballots have been canceled and won't be counted and we should tear them up and dispose of them.

Turns out the sharp as a tack folks down at the Registrar sent out who-knows-how-many unaffiliated non-partisan ballots to decline-to-state absentee voters who'd requested Democratic primary ballots. They then had to enter all the barcodes for the ballots that had been sent in error so that the system won't count them, write up a nice note, print up the extra ballot work and ... send out Democratic ballots to those voters.

How much is this flub going to cost?

And whose watch did it happen on?

Enquiring minds ...

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