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Friday, April 04, 2008

"Gordon Ramsay always advises his victims on Kitchen Nightmares to simplify, and it's good advice."

Ah, jeez.

I don't watch TV. Period. None. Zip. Even if I did, I don't think I get the Fox Network in the subset of available channels that comes with our barebones ($2.80/mo in addition to my computer connection) from Comcast.

After SG's comment (see title of this post), I hied off to Google with a /kitchen nightmares gordon ramsay/ search.

First up: the Fox Kitchen Nightmares Web site. Entertaining little itty-bitty less-than-a-minute clips.

After some poking and prying around in YouTube, HotDiggity! a stash of episodes (which I have, with great reluctance, set aside until later. ... His nibs doesn't care to be forced to listen to YouTube clips I'm playing while he's plunked in the chair of the desk face-to-face with me. ... Later!)

Thanks, SG! I just caught up on the season finale of Project Runway yesterday and was wondering what I'd do ... Gordon Ramsay it is!

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