: views from the Hill

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Views from the Hill

No picture. Didn't think of it while everything was happening.

BIG CLOUD OF BLACK BLACK SMOKE coming up from the other side of Treasure Island. We popped the cover off the telescope lens and spotted a yacht adrift, flames billowing above it, being pushed south by the tides. The boat drifted behind the Admin building and then came into sight again. Looked like probably an engine fire. That end of the boat was engulfed in flames. Engine fire? Fiberglass boat? The smoke was immense.

One of the fireboats headed off from Pier 22 1/2 to deal with the blaze. Coast Guard and other boats were keeping clear after rescuing the folks on board the boat. The fireboat eventually arrived (They're not the fastest boats on the Bay.) and started dousing the blaze. Eventually the yacht sank beneath the waves.

Not a sunny Saturday for the people on the yacht, but at least they got out with their skins intact.

Update:Chron story

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