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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Found at Looney's -- Matt's video

Watch Matt do his silly dance around the world from Thimpu to Timbuktu to the Giant's Causeway to Rio.

Like Looney, I'd never seen this before, although it's one of those viral things that swept the Web three years back. Where was I? Obviously not where Matt was filming his clips.

Looney said this was a happy vid and it is, but it also made me tear up a bit. All those places. All those people. Every one linked by Matt Harding and his silly dance.

Update: I figured what the tearing up was about. Matt and his dance reminds me of the younger nib, who will be "away" until June 2010 -- dancing, like Matt, with people he meets along the way.

Update2: An earlier Where the Hell is Matt? and another.

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