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Sunday, August 10, 2008

new video: "Republicans and military men on John McCain"

This election has the internet (columns, blogs, newsgroups, sites, videos, commentary, Web2.0 electioneering) playing a huge part, for those who use the internet.

And even for those who don't, if they read the papers or watch TV.

McCain's ad comparing Obama to Paris and Britney didn't have much play in paid air time, but it was on the Web getting a zillion views and MSM picked it up and talked about it and wondered about it and speculated about it and suddenly a fairly small media budget got a factor of n more traction than it would otherwise.

But it's not just the videos produced by professionals and paid for by campaigns or major political parties. I am stunned by the brilliance of some of the non-campaign videos that are popping up. (And stupefied by the webisodes that were shot of John Edwards and paid for by his campaign, but that's another story. ...)

The younger nib grew up making videos and belonging to movie/video clubs and competing in movie/video competitions from his teen years as did many of the Y generation.

Those years of practice show up when professionals donate their work to the cause: will.i.am's Obama 'Yes, we can' video and Paris for President.

Those years of practice show up too in the amateur videos made for YouTube distribution.

This morning I came across a link to "Republicans and military men on John McCain" in the comments tail of a Huffington post. Visuals. Captures. Background music. Amazing work from someone who seems to be the same age as the younger nib.

Director: Aaron Hodgins Davis, Skidmore. Uploaded 31Jul2008.

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