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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kos: It's a hell of a thing.

Jefe has an excellent post titled, It's a hell of a thing.

And in reply, I posted in the comments:

Life is full of things that are a hell of a thing and I get deep into the dark ooze if I think about it too much.

When I hear stories like the one you tell, or I hear about the guy who was minding his own business riding in a car that was crossing the bridge last Sunday when a drunk rear-ended the Mercedes he was in, killing him, or I hear about ex-Raider Gene Upshaw, who died Wednesday of pancreatic cancer. He'd been diagnosed on Sunday.

It's a hell of a thing.

I live like I will live forever when it comes to making plans for staying out of the poorhouse when I'm on a pension, but I live like a truck may come off the overpass tomorrow and squish my Mini flat when it comes to not putting a certain class of things off until "some day."

Hugs don't get put off. Friends. Important things. Things that I don't want to wind up years from now thinking, I wish I had that time back again. I wish I got a do-over. ...

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