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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bunny Suicide

OK. Granted. I have an odd family.

When Dad was still alive, our children's sigoths would sometimes freak at family gatherings because we'd be discussing "If you were a terrorist intent on making Americans feel shakier than shaky -- and killing some Americans as an added benefit -- what target would you attack?"

These discussions happened to have a concrete reason behind them because some of the family members were/are concerned with what terrorists might target.

Question: Would you target a monument like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alamo, or Mount Rushmore or would you wreak terror by targeting small malls and roller skating rinks across America -- both of which are easier to target.

Is it more effective to clobber some national symbols or to make EVERYONE -- including Laverne's cousin in Tucson -- worried about whether it's safe to go out for dinner?

Well, we don't have those discussions anymore, for various reasons.

Instead today (AT OUR FAMILY CHRISTMAS), we talked about Bunny Suicide.

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