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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bruce Sterling brings his ray of sunshine to the subject of swine flu.

Practical Tips for Combatting Swine Flu In Your Home | Beyond the Beyond from Wired.com

There is always some flu around and flu is always killing some people. Even when a raw mutant flu manages to kill off more people than a shooting-war, flu has never ravaged whole cities as cholera or the Black Death can do. As awful pandemics go, flu is like the snotty-nosed little sister of awful pandemics.

I've been tracking Twitter and checking what people are twittering about porcine influenza.

We now have multiple Twitter accounts aggregating swine flu news with names like stoptheswine, SwineFlu, SwineFluTweets and more. Someone's even picked up the domain name swinefluoutbreaknews.com.

There's hype hype HYPE! and folks madly re-tweeting such things as How swine flu could be a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear war http://bit.ly/4CKca (something from UK's Daily Mail Online)

Chill, people. Really.

For up-to-date information go to the CDC site

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