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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fog photos

I was making pancakes for breakfast for our overnight guest and we were discussing the fog which wunderground.com hadn't mentioned. ... The unexpected fog had settled in close to the water but was starting to lift. Hark! Sunshine in Oakland! Shipping cranes silhouetted in the distance.

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And behind Treasure Island a surreal light enveloped Berkeley.

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Our guest, someone his nibs has known for forty years, headed off to the airport and home. We frittered time and the fog burnt off for a glorious day.

This afternoon I was settled into my comfy chair, working on a Sudoku, when I heard fog horns. Deep horn from the main channel. Medium horn from a ship. Lighter echo from the bridge.

The afternoon fog was creeping in and slouching over to Berkeley.

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A shot before Berkeley succumbed. (The fog tendrils have reached the Campanile as I type this at about 6:45P. The sun is still shining here. But not there. ...)

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