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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The day has turned blue and sunny both here and there.

My little bird family was squeaking and squawking when I took a break to fix lunch and move some more boxes.

"Mom, I want a worm!"

"Waaaah! She got a bigger piece than I did!"

And all the while the mother bird saying, "Hush. Can't you see that giant human down there checking out all the squawking you're making? Hush, missy! Hush! Or that mean ol' human is going to fry you up for lunch!"

For the second year in a row, a small Oregon junco has made its nest in the window sill of the small window at the top of the kitchen wall, just above the stove. The window (a clerestory window) opens in on chains, and there's a three-inch deep space between the window and the screen outside. I seldom open the window even on the hottest days. Last year, the bird pecked and ripped a hole in the screen and built a nest in the protected space, out of sight of any of her common predators. Her family duties were so successful she's back again. This year she doesn't have to rip the screen because we didn't mend it after her caretaking duties were done last year.

You can't see the bird-lets too well, because of the angle of sight to the window, but you can always tell when mom arrives with something to eat. Peep. Squawk. Waaaah! PeepPeepPeep.

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