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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Today's tip: Mailinator

Mailinator is "like super-instant, always-ready, any-email-you-want email. right now."

How does it work? Say, you're at the Grand Forks Gazette and the Gazette wants your e-address in order to let you read the front page. You don't want to give them your "real" e-address but you know they're going to send you a note to confirm your e-addr before they'll let you peek at the local football scores

What to do?

Sign up using grandforks@mailinator.com then go over to http://www.mailinator.com and sign-on as grandforks@mailinator.com. Reply to your confirmation e-mail from the Gazette and Bob's your uncle. How cool is that?

Just don't use mailinator for signing up for your BankAmerica online banking because anyone and Tony's brother can log-on as grandforks@mailinator.com and pickup and read whatever is there waiting.

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