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Friday, April 30, 2004

Voice Lifts

Long ago, my niece, then quite young, was at the beauty parlor with my sister. A woman there was having her hair colored and my niece was fascinated. The woman explained what was happening and what the hair colorist was doing. My niece asked why she was doing that to her hair and the woman answered that she was doing it so that her hair would look young. My niece looked at her, and at her youthful hair and said, "But your face will still look old."

... not to mention her voice giving away her true age.

Heard about voice lifts?

Voicelifts - Take Your Breath Away - By Gabrielle Fagan, PA Features

"After the face lift, the tummy tuck, the forehead tighten and the jowl trim comes the latest treatment to turn back the clock.

"The voicelift – a delicate surgical tinkering with the vocal cords – is claimed to stop that gravelly or breathless voice being a real giveaway about your age.

"Patients in America who believe their voices just don’t match their cosmetically firmed-up faces and figures are already opting for a 'voice job'."


Cost? Upwards of $7K.

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