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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Was up for a Board meeting of the Broadway Towers HOA last night. KS has finally sold the last of the condos left from the condo conversion which began in the 80's: 1981? 1986? Something like that, but I'm not interested in searching through old paperwork to find the date. I suppose I could ask KS: she'd know right off the top of her head. Part of the conversion deal was that the developers had to allow a life-lease to tenants over a certain age who didn't want to buy their unit.

KS'd attended practically every Board meeting since she took over from her father back when. Last night was to be the last Board meeting she'd attend (x'd fingers that escrow closes smoothly). So I made some chocolate chip-macadamia nut brownies to celebrate the end of what seemed to be a never-ending connection to the building, with all the ups and downs. We bought our place from the eeeeeeevil condo developers in summer 1991, never thinking they'd still own units in 2004. (They probably never expected it either.)

Back in Dale today and the skies are a semi-sunny gray. Checked out the cam and luckily it's just as gray in the city or I'd be even more gloomy about the columns that pend and the chores that nag.


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