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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

And the price of your ticket is ...

Recent ticket purchase confirmation included the following:

Final Fare Quote Details
Fare Summary

Departing airfare (Econo)** 129.00
Returning airfare (Econo)** 129.00
Airfare 258.00

Navcan and Surcharges 27.90
Canada Airport Improvement Fee 9.18

Canada Goods and Services Tax (GST/HST #10009-2287) 0.64
U.S.A Transportation Tax 21.46
U.S. Flight Segment Tax 6.20

U.S Passenger Facility Charge 4.50
Canada Security Charge 7.65
U.S.A Immigration User Fee 7.00
September 11 Security Fee 2.50

Total 345.03

With a quick ((345.03-258)/345.03)*100= into my Google bar, I discover that over 25% of the total ticket charge is taxes and other fees and charges.

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