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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

San Francisco sidewalk graffiti

Walking along the streets of San Francisco, you come across some odd things, in addition to broken glass and cigarette butts, blowing newspapers and the usual detritus.

There are a couple slabs of sidewalk on the north side of Union between Kearny and Montgomery where some wag back when, while the newly-poured concrete was still wet, embedded some game tokens and a die, a few bits of toys -- a child's treasures, captured forever, art on a smaller scale but similar to Fay Young's wall in Eltham.

A while back the City sued IBM for their Linux penguin sidewalk graffiti advertising, but that hasn't deterred people. We came across several different examples of advertising graffiti while we were walking around this past weekend.

This one caught my eye.

Graffiti. Sure.

Defacing public property. Sure.

But I liked the message.

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