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Monday, January 26, 2009

Window seat

We visited the open house at 1440 Kearny Street yesterday. Beautiful condo. *ONLY* $2.675 million. Nice chat with listing agent extraordinaire Louis Silcox, who lives near us and knows people we know.

Filbert, west of Telegraph Hill Blvd.

I see his name everywhere but we'd never met.

Views are toward downtown. No water views. No bridges. Still, the views are extraordinary.

Nice yard area with solid solid solid retaining walls.

Three levels. Three bedrooms. Private elevator so you don't have to slog your groceries up stairs. TWO CAR PARKING! (Worth an extra $200K right there. ...) Two fireplaces. Wonderful kitchen. Maple floors.

And loads of art and photos.

(Where is she going with this?)

One of the photo artworks was a large collage of images out plane windows with wing tips showing: clouds and sun and weather and blue. Each image had been shaped in an ovoid fashion and the images were piled 5 x 7 or so in a large frame.

Lovely. I would've taken it home in a flash.

(I can hear his nibs saying, "But where would you hang it, Sal?")

I [heart] views out airplane windows.

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