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Thursday, September 23, 2004

[FOOD] Eating in

I'd bought two eggplants last week and used one in an eggplant-pork stirfry, served with steamed rice.

The other eggplant was showing its age, so I tossed together a quick dinner around it, influenced by Sunday lunch at Slanted Door.

Peel the eggplant. Cut into chunks the size of your terminal thumb joint. Chop up some purple onion. Take the leftover eggplant-pork stirfry out of the frig.

Heat the wok. Add peanut oil. Toss in the onion and let it sizzle for a bit. Toss in the eggplant and pour a bit of sesame seed oil over it. Toss a tablespoon or so of chopped garlic on top. Toss. Set a while. Toss. Set a while. Toss. Set a while until the eggplant is cooked through.

Meantime, take the jug of ginger-garlic-stirfry sauce out of the frig and pour a bit into a small glass bowl. Add rice wine vinegar and some sesame seed oil. Stirtaste. Add more vinegar if the sauce is still too thick and sweet. Not too much sesame seed oil. A little goes a long way. Add hot pepper sauce for a bit of zip.

Give the eggplant another toss and throw in the leftover eggplant-pork stirfry from the other night. Heat through.

Serve with leaves of Romaine lettuce and sprigs of basil.

Put a couplefew leaves of basil on the lettuce leaf. Add the eggplant concoction. Drizzle a spoonful of the adulterated stir sauce over the contents. Fold the lettuce leaf up like a taco -- wrapping it like a burrito won't work.





Sal said...

I've never salted eggplant to leach out the moisture. Does it work? Wouldn't that leave you with salty eggplant?

Sal said...

I've always salted because I've been taught That's What You Do. THEY say it's mushy if you stir fry it otherwise, but I'm questioning whether THEY are just trying to pull one over on me to add more work. Seems like your eggplant turned out just peaching w/o salting.Maybe the difference is that I don't expect crisp eggplant.

The eggplant dishes I like most are spicy garlic eggplant and the like in which the eggplant is mushy. It's supposed to be -- not slimy, gooshy okra sort of mushy -- baked apple mushy. The texture of a pippin changes with cooking, as does an eggplant.