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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ayelet Waldman redux

I think , sez Ayelet Waldman, that I am an exhibitionist.

... but then aren't all writers who are or hope to be published?

Katherine Seligman wrote Ayelet, Unfiltered for this past Sunday's Chronicle magazine.

Loads of people are telling Waldman that they don't approve of what she says and writes these days. Waldman was part of the Book Passage Mystery Writers' Conference that I attended a couple years back. Bright lady. The more I read about her and the more of her I read, the more she strikes me as someone with more guts than I have, saying things I'd say if I had more guts.

Seligman's article wraps up with a Waldman quote:

I went to my 10th high school reunion, with a law degree, just engaged, thin, and I was still a big goober. If I go to my 50th reunion, it will be the same thing.

Read on.

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