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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thursday, Thursday ... Comcast redux

We rushed back [Thursday] because we had a meeting scheduled with the Comcast supervisor, who was to appear some time between 12 and 4 to discuss the wiring issues with our Comcast cable hookup.

He never appeared. No one called.

His nibs called Comcast on Friday and never got a call back.

On Sunday the Comcast supervisor returned the call. The supe said he didn't understand what his nibs was on about. The supervisor said he'd sent someone out who had checked out the situation and talked with his nibs. (Um. No. his nibs said. Didn't talk to me. I was home all afternoon waiting …) The supe said the someone had called the supe from our place and said there was no way they could pull cable from the pole and he was standing there with the customer (that would be his nibs) and had told him the same. (Um. No. his nibs said. Didn't talk to me. I was home all afternoon waiting …)

After much hemming and Um. No. Didn't talk to me. repetitions, the supe made a date to be here at 11 a.m. Monday to check out the situation himself.

Phone rings at 11 a.m. Monday. The supe's at the top of the steps and wonders how to find his way here. His nibs offers to walk out and lead him in.

Supe turns out to be another personable Comcast sort. No mention made of the errant employee who allegedly visited last Thursday. We told the supe that the neighbor said the cable had never worked right and how the neighbor was pulling cable through for a satellite connection. We told the supe the cable was put in when the building was put up twenty years ago. We reiterated our request for a new cable. (A fat one, please. Our daughter who's married to a Comcast supe in Naperville sez fat cable is the way to go.) He checked out the pole. Checked out the possibilities. Said the pole would be Plan B because it would take two guys a couple hours to pull the cable from the pole. Plan A is to try again with the existing setup using a different tech.


1 p.m. Thursday. The supe promises to be out with two techs and they'll see what they can see.

I want my high speed Internet.

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