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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I will GLADLY pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today

New deal is that the buyers have until Monday 4P to come up with the agreed-on price. If the $$ aren't at the escrow office by then and they haven't agreed to a changed contract (higher price in exchange for two extra weeks to rummage up the dough), the house goes back on the market Tuesday and I'm back doing yardwork and planting pretty flowers and getting our stager team to re-stage without the stuff we pulled out on Wednesday.

OK, fine, their agent said they said. We'll pay the higher price. We still want the house, but we need time to get the money together and we didn't like the bit where you said you'd charge us an extra thousand a day for every day past 29 July that we don't close escrow, they said, according to their agent.

Well, we told Chuck. We don't want an open-ended pay-us-when-you-can agreement. We want the dough. Last Friday. We have plans for it and had to rearrange our family finances to cover for the fact the money didn't arrive on Friday as promised.

Yeah, yeah, Chuck said. You don't want this to drag on forever, but maybe you could give them three weeks. That should be more than enough. Well, okay, we said. But you need to be aware that we may be headed to England at the end of August and we don't want this nonsense with escrow happening all over again while we're gone.

Chuck talked with the other agent and said, I think we can come to an agreement here, but what we need is a signed amended agreement to the escrow that was supposed to close last Friday and we need to give poor ol' Sal and his nibs the deposit money that is sitting in escrow.

Oh, Great! Terrific! Wonderful! said their agent, and I would love to get you that signed agreement pronto but um. they're uh. in a plane in mid-flight as we speak and I can't get hold of them or I certainly would get you that signed amended agreement pronto. I'll try to get hold of them as soon as I can.

Chuck is not amused. We'll see what can be worked out.

Yesterday – after our meeting with the Comcast supe – we headed down to the southland to shift some more things out of the storage whose lease ends at the end of the month. While we were there, I watered the yard at the house in limbo and pulled up banks of vetch that had died while we were elsewhere and letting someone else tend the yard. Had he not watered enough? Was the vetch just ready to turn brown and die? Didn't matter. The end result was ugly looking, so I pulled out the dead flowers and filled the garden recycle to the brim, then put both the garden recycle and the garbage can full of trash out for pickup this morning.

Today his nibs is at work in the southland. I'll be heading down there soon enough to get some work done at the storage and haul in the garbage can and recycle bin.

Mayhap there will be more papers to sign and we'll have another deadline for the escrow folks to work with.

Or the house may go back on the market and I'll be tending yards and stagers again.

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