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Monday, December 26, 2005

Downloaded a new Picasa (Build 27.66.0)

I'd downloaded a new version of Picasa some time in the last month or two -- Release 2.1 build 27.60.

Ever since, the "make a Web page" creator hadn't worked. 75-85% of the way through the Web page creation, Picasa would quit with an "export cancelled" message. I didn't much care. I usually put together my own photo Web pages, but I played around with the Web page creator for a while -- fiddling with the pictures used, fiddling with the size of the pictures folded into the Web page -- until I figured the problem wasn't just a simple problem of .jpgs being too big for Picasa to handle but something more fundamental.

Yesterday, when I decided to setup a page with some pictures of the tree, I decided to use Picasa for the exercise. The Web page creator still didn't work. I checked through Picasa's "help" site, where there were no tickets with "cancelled" or anything remotely similar to be found.

I used Google to search for / picasa "export cancelled" / and came across a post in the Picasa Google group (who knew?) where a user was making the same complaint: 'Ever since I've upgraded to 2.1 build 27.60 i haven't been able to use the "make a webpage" function - it always ends abruptly with an information dialog saying "export cancelled".'

Hey! Me too! I thought. One responder's solution was to revert to a previous version. Better than that! I thought, it's been a while since the 27.60 build. I bet Picasa has fixed whatever the problem was.

I downloaded a new Picasa this morning (Build 27.66.0) and, as expected, the Web page creator worked first time, without a hitch.

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