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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How to Write a Synopsis ... Questions? Read Miss Snark.

Want to know how to write a synopsis? Oh, sure. There are links here.

(Good links too!)

... but for an even better education, hie thee over to Miss Snark's blog.

Miss Snark opened up the Crapometer for a few days last week (from 12/23 to 12/25) for synopses only. Snark is now chewing through the synopses submitted, giving her "this works" "this doesn't" "boy HOWDY does this not work" analyses of the synopses.

I'm only up to Synopsis #20 (of 40 currently posted). What an education!

If you've ever faced the dreaded synopsis, or plan to in the future, check out Miss Snark's notes. She has 106 synopses in queue and we are all hoping she doesn't have a nervous breakdown before she finishes her slice and dice.

Don't read Miss Snark? You should.

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