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Monday, December 12, 2005

Old but good ... profile of Laura Lippman

No, I'm not characterizing Laura as "old but good." I'm saying this profile of Laura is good, albeit over two years old.

Secrets and Ties
Author Laura Lippman Takes a Break From Heroine Tess Monaghan With Every Secret Thing, "The Most Hard-Boiled Book to Ever Begin With A Barbie Doll."

By Lizzie Skurnick

The profile also mentions a weeklong spate of Slate blog entries that Laura wrote just a couple months earlier, in June 2003. Those are worth reading too, if you're interested in writerly things and/or like the stuff Lippman writes and want to know what she's up to or was at the time and/or are just curious what George Pelecanos had to say about Chinatown.

When you're done with that, head over to Laura's blog, which I finally bloglined today. Hadn't been over there in far too long.

Update: As Sandra Ruttan mentions in the comments, she has an interview with Laura Lippman in the Winter Issue of SPINETINGLER magazine. Go thee hither for more insight into what makes Laura Lippman tick.

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